For any inquiry about the Mother & Child Expo, or additional information not available on here, kindly contact us

The Mother and Child Expo is an ideal opportunity for companies of all sizes to introduce their brand and demonstrate their products One-on-One to the general public that are specifically looking for Parental Tips, Motherly Orientation and Children innovations.

For the first time, there will be a Children’s Mega Fest which will feature STEM products and services (not just technology) will be included. Also for the first time as an added media draw, the Expo will announce the winners of STEM as well as engage in Community Service where over 5,000 Mothers will be educated about fertility, pregnancy care, Nutrition, Child Care, parenting among others across ten governments owned Primary Health Care Centers in Ten Local Governments in Lagos State Nigeria and 5,000 mothers screened for Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests across ten Government owned Primary Health Care Centres in Lagos State.

Based on our past Mother and Child Expo events, we expect approximately 20 media, including print, online and broadcast press and social influencers. Please see the Media Pages in this brochure for additional information.

At the MACE 6.0, your company won’t get lost among thousands of other exhibitors, many of whom probably have bigger, flashier, more expensive display booths than you do. The Mother and Child Expo levels the playing field, offering companies of all sizes the opportunity to present their products in a simple and affordable way. We intentionally host a “boutique” size show so that EVERY exhibitor (not just major brand names with huge booths) has the opportunity to meet with the general public.

This is impossible to forecast. Our responsibility is to create visibility for your brands at the event. What happens next depends on media’s reaction to your product and how effective your own follow-up efforts are post-show. We’ve shared some examples of show coverage on our Media Pages.

Signage is optional but we strongly recommend it. Note that it must fit within your booth space.

Exhibitors may rent TV screens or other equipment directly, for an additional charge. The Organizers must be notified no later than May 3rd of any equipment rental needs in order to make adequate provisions.

A simple …… space with 2′ tables and 3 chairs ranges from…….., depending on when you register. Custom packages are also available. See the Registration & Costs page here for more details or reach out to Segun…… for more information.

N.B: 5% of the net profits from the event will be donated to the …….. Foundation.